Bed Bug Exterminator

Albany NY Bed Bug Pest Control Exterminator ServicesThe Albany NY Capital District has seen a steady rise in bed bug infestations over the past decade. With this surge in bed bug cases, Regan Pest Services has become the go-to solution for addressing these pesky pests.

Our Bed Bugs Exterminator service in Albany, Troy, Schenectady, and throughout the Capital District is designed to rid your home or office of bed bugs swiftly and effectively. We follow a simple three-step process to ensure complete elimination of bed bugs:

  1. Assessment: Our expert team conducts a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the bed bug infestation and identify key areas of concern.
  2. Treatment: Using advanced pest control methods and eco-friendly solutions, we target and eliminate bed bugs from your premises, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.
  3. Prevention: After eradication, we provide preventive measures and guidance to help you avoid future bed bug problems and maintain a pest-free space.

Count on Regan Pest Services for reliable and comprehensive bed bug extermination services in the Capital District. Say goodbye to bed bugs with our proven expertise and commitment to exceptional pest control solutions.

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Free Bed Bug & Pest Inspection

At Regan Pest Services, our skilled bed bug inspector conducts a comprehensive assessment to detect any signs of bed bug presence. This includes identifying live bed bugs, bloodstains on sheets or bedding, and the presence of shed exoskeletons. Given the challenging nature of bed bug control, swift action is crucial. Should our inspection reveal bed bugs or related evidence, we’ll devise a detailed treatment and eradication strategy to swiftly and effectively eliminate these pests from your property. Prompt attention is essential as bed bugs reproduce rapidly, making quick intervention imperative. Trust Regan Pest Services for proactive bed bug management to safeguard your space.

Bed Bug Control

Albany NY Bed Bug Control Life CycleAt Regan Pest Services, we find the most effective treatment against bed bugs includes education and prep work that is coupled with professional elimination treatment. Our bed bug specialist will take the time with each and every customer to provide prevention tips, so once bed bugs are eliminated from your premises, you can utilize precautionary measures from reintroducing them again.

Regan Pest Services offers preparatory steps “prep work” that needs to be completed prior to our arrival and service. By following these few simple steps, our bed bug specialist will be able to perform the most effective service. If you are unable to do the prep work yourself, our bed bug specialist can do the prep work for you for a separate fee.

At the time of your bed bug treatment, our bed bug specialist will treat the mattress, box spring, headboard, footboard, perimeter of the bed, night stands and dressers. When addressing bed bugs, it is very important to pay attention to details, as these insects are small, cryptic and can harbor in numbers areas.

The  Regan Pest Service Warranty

Regan Pest Control Services Guarantee WarrantyRegan Pest Services will place a warranty on all of our wildlife pest elimination treatments so you can gain peace of mind and go back to sleeping sound at night.

Regan Pest Services Testimonials

Real testimonials from real people. You can find these and many more 5 star reviews on Facebook and Google.

“I hired Regan Pest Services for my mouse problem. I have to say after the initial services I have not seen 1 mouse. Which i did have quite the family of them going on.  Josh did his follow up visit and checked every single area. My basement did have some activity so he setup again and is coming back to check it again. They really do provide quality services for an affordable price vs other companies that I estimated.

They provide friendly customer service along with very efficient great quality service. If you are second guessing who to go with it don’t make the mistake I did and originally choose someone else. Go with Regan Pest Services!!

I’m a firm believer in where credit is due it should be given and Regan Pest Services deserves a lot of credit for their service!”

VH, 5 Star Google Review

“Regan Pest services is very thorough. Their customer service is excellent. The office returns phone calls promptly. When making a home visit, if they will be even 10 minutes late, they call to let us know.  All treatments are explained carefully and their prices are fair. Whenever I am asked for a pest company, they are the one I recommend.”

Lynne McKee, 5 Star Google Review

“Professional service at a great price.  We had a problem with carpenter ants and Regan Pest Services came out right away to take care of it. Very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. “

Kelly Wilber, 5 Star Google Review

“Guys are the best in the business! They protect both my home and business. Highly recommend them to everyone A+++++”

Christopher Magnano, 5 Star Google Review

“Great and easy to work with. Definitely very educated in the field of pest control and made the whole experience easy for us.”

Jessica Wass, 5 Star Google Review

“This company, by far, has been one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with. Not only are they great at their job, knowledgeable and friendly, but they go above and beyond. They bring customer service back to life, and help their customers however they can. If you are looking for pest control, I’d stop right here and use Regan Pest Control.”

Annamaria Dott, 5 Star Facebook Review

“Regan Pest Services is the ONLY company my family and I will use for both personal and professional use. They are extremely knowledgeable, and always do the absolute best to resolve any pest issue you may have. You can tell that they care a lot for their clients, and genuinely want to make their clients happy. They are also very affordable, which is an added bonus. I can’t imagine why anyone would use any other local pest company. Regan Pest Services it the way to go!”

Chelsea, 5 Star Google Review

“Chris and Josh were helpful and very quick in resolving our issue with mice. After two visits there was no trace of mice. And currently, one year later there is still no issue. I called the office and spoke with Crystal and she booked our appointment immediately. Thank you.”

Amy LaMora, 5 Star Facebook Review

“I contacted Regan Pest Services to resolve a problem with mice in a house. Their response was rapid, their treatment very effective, their follow-up visits timely, and their price quite reasonable. That’s enough for me. But additionally, they are friendly and quintessentially professional; from my first and subsequent phone conversations with Crystal, to the multiple visits by Chris and Dave – this group knows their business inside and out. Hopefully, I won’t need this type of service in the future, but if I do, this is the company I’ll want again. I recommend them very highly.”

Jim Curtis, 5 Star Facebook Review

“Regan Pest Services was very knowledgeable and professional. I had  them out to inspect my rental property in the morning. After a complete inspection no insect pest was to be found. After talking with the tenant we found out that the insect didnt come out till the temperature warned up. Chris the owner reviewed his schedule and said he would be nearby the area in the afternoon if he needed to come back. I returned to the property in the afternoon and yes the pest was there. I called Chris he identified, returned that day and never a problem again. I would recommend and use this company again for any issue that I may have.”

Jafo 8778, 5 Star Google Review

“Originally I did an estimate with Catseye. During that they offered so much that they would do to take care of my mice problem. I agreed to services and paid about $560. Long story short they didn’t provide any of the services or customer service promised. Because of this I canceled my contract and contacted Regan Pest Control. I spoke with Crystal and she immediately had someone out here and kindly worked with my crazy schedule. It was a total breath of fresh air working with them. Not only was I now receiving top notch customer service and impeccable in home services for my mouse problem their prices are much more affordable and honestly they go above and beyond for you as the customer for what you pay.

Joshua went through my whole home with me and explained everything he was doing. He was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable about my mouse problem. I am so thankful i canceled with cats eye and contacted Regan Pest Control.  I highly recommend them for any pest services needed. Don’t waste time with anyone else! Thank you Regan Pest Control for all of your help!”

Veronica Heffern, 5 Star Google Review

“So happy I chose Regan Pest Services for my place of business. Chris and Dave are great and so professional and knowledgeable about their services. Great company all around, friendly and reliable!! Crystal was amazing at getting them in here in a suitable time for us!! Thank you Regan Pest Services, you are highly recommended and we look forward to doing work with you!!”

Jessica Ivy, 5 Star Facebook Review

“Fantastic service at a very reasonable price. Had them service my house for some ants in the kitchen and not only explained everything they would do, they went above and beyond to treat the entire area and exterior of my home. Highly recommended.”

Chris Adamek, 5 Star Facebook Review

“Regan’s services were wonderful getting rid of our carpenter ants along with their exceptional employees. Very nice and respectful. I would highly recommend their services.”

Mandy Seeloff Brown, 5 Star Facebook Review

“I had BEES everywhere in my house. Chris and his team came right out on a Saturday and took care of the issue.. I have referred Regan Pest Services many times, for Bats, Wood wasps, ants, termites.. Lucky me Bees…”

Amy Burrall Morgan, 5 Star Facebook Review

“Excellent professional service, there right on time. The price they quoted was $75.00 less the the other pest control services. I would highly recommend them”

Andrew Kennedy, 5 Star Google Review

“Amazing, Professional job, 10/10 would definitely hire again if they didn’t obliterate all the pests I had already. Thanks guys!”

Joseph A. Pirro, 5 Star Facebook Review