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Carpenter Ants Exterminator Albany Troy East Greenbush Pest ControlA skilled carpenter ant specialist from Regan Pest Services will visit your residence or business to conduct a thorough inspection, diligently searching for telltale signs of carpenter ant infestation. These signs may include the presence of frass (sawdust), remnants of dead ants, unusual sounds resembling crackling from within walls or ceilings, visible damage to wood structures, or the sight of live ants.

Our services extend across the Capital District, covering areas like Troy, Albany, East Greenbush, Bethlehem, Guilderland, Colonie, and Clifton Park. Regan Pest Control has garnered 5-star reviews on Facebook for our exceptional services in handling pests like bees, wasps, ants, and termites.

Upon identifying any indicators of carpenter ant activity, our inspector will tailor a treatment plan to suit the specific needs of your home or business. Regan Pest Services prioritizes the use of minimally invasive treatment methods while ensuring thorough eradication of carpenter ants from your premises.

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