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Free Inspections


A Regan Pest Services trained rodent inspector will perform a thorough inspection, searching for all signs of wildlife infestation. Signs of infestation can include droppings, an increase in animal noise volume, significant internal or external damage, or noticing a foul smell. Regan Pest Services will recommend a thorough treatment and elimination plan to remove wildlife pests quickly and efficiently from your premises.


Wildlife Control


Our trained wildlife inspector will design a treatment program to eliminate wildlife pests on your premises with repairs to damaged areas.



Regan Pest Services will place a warranty on all of our wildlife pest elimination treatments so you can gain peace of mind and go back to sleeping sound at night.


What are Wildlife Pests?


Wildlife pests can include raccoons, bats, moles, skunks, opossums, and groundhogs. Each of these pests has their own treatment method, but your Regan Pest Services expert will be able to tell you how to deal with each one.


These pests can cause damage to the exterior of your house, or porch or deck, or impact any pets you have at home. To be on the safe side, contact Regan Pest Control and we’ll do a free inspection.





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"I had BEES everywhere in my house. Chris and his team came right out on a Saturday and took care of the issue.. I have referred Regan Pest Services many times, for Bats, Wood wasps, ants, termites.. Lucky me Bees..."

- Amy Burrall Morgan



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